By Huda Heidi Kattan

STOP EVERYTHING! This is something that needs immediate attention (trust me, your hair will thank me later)! Let me start by saying I have been on a serious mission to grow my hair out! Yes, I know short hair is super “in” right now, but it’s just not my thing! After going Ombre for a straight year, my hair hates me. I literally couldn’t wash it without it all sticking together–it was bad! I started using Alterna Shampoo and Conditioner and it really helped! The no sulfate and paraban free hair products just seem to work the best for me! Since I have been on a mission, I have been gathering some of the best tips from the entire blogosphere, and of course I am putting them to test! One of the tips I heard somewhere was to keep your ends hydrated so you can decrease the amount of split ends you have. I know it sounds funny, but I actually liked the tip, so I am trying it! Only issue, as dry as my hair is, I don’t want it to look greasy!

I started using the Alterna Rapid Repair Spray and within a week I noticed a difference! First of all, it totally has that instant amazingness to it! Your hair will feel silkier and just more manageable. It also adds hydration to your ends with zero greasiness or heaviness to weigh it down. It’s lightly scented, but it smells really nice! It’s pretty incredible is like a really light concentrated serum in a spray bottle! Now that it’s been 10 days of me using it straight, I can honestly say my hair actually feels healthier and I am noticing the ends just look better! I still have split ends, but I feel like new ones are breaking apart as much!

I promise once I get all the tips together that work, I will do a video on the BEST tips for growing out your hair, but for now, this product is a MUST!

Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair Spray
Available at Dollhouse Dubai (800-DOLL) or online
$30 prices may vary

Tue, 4 Feb 201415 Comments