By Huda Heidi Kattan

As much as I do love Kerastase styling products (they work soooooo well for my hair), I really thought this product was going to flop! It just seemed so light and airy when I sprayed it, I didn’t really think it would do anything to my hair! So I decided to get it and review it on a Tried & Tested. Well, it pretty much blew me away! It’s actually the best volumizing powder I have ever used, and it puts all of my other volumizing powders to shame, even my favorite Alterna Volumizing Powder! The main reason being, okay it volumizing just like the rest, gives you instant body, makes your hair look thicker and just overall more beautiful, BUT there is ZERO stickiness, residue and all of those other icky feelings that come with volumizing powders! I didn’t think it was possible, and I think the texture of the Kerastase VIP powder was what made me think it wasn’t going to be great, but it ended up being incredible!

I use this every day now, and I love it! This works on women who have thin to medium hair (you can use it if you have thick as well), but I section it into pieces and spray my roots, trying to get as much base as I can! Then I blast it for a second with the blow drier and done! Volume for DAAAYYYZZ!

Kerastase VIP Powder
Available at Dollhouse Dubai or where Kerastase is sold
$34 Prices may vary

Wed, 24 Sep 201411 Comments