By Huda Heidi Kattan

I know this might sound too good to be true, but I am so stunned at how much these little candies have transformed my hair and lashes in 3 weeks! Okay, they might not be exactly candy, but they really do taste like it! They are not the yummiest candy, but they are good. I bought these while I was in the states thinking they were kind of silly, but I took them religiously for 3 weeks and I could not believe how thick they made my hair! I lost sooooo much hair after putting in extensions, that I was kind of bummed! When I noticed my hair started to feel SO much thicker and my lashes grew thick and long, I was so pleased.

Okay, I have to say, I have been eating healthy as well, and I also do use Revitalash, but in conjunction with these vitamin/candies, I have had extremely good results! I had been taking Biotin for a really long time, and I am super picky with brands I use. I have to say GNC branded vitamins are really good! I really do see results from using them, which is awesome!

I just started the Paleo diet (if you follow me on pinterest, then you’ve seen the overload of what I’ve been cooking), so I won’t be able to take these for a while because they have sugar and soy, but when the 30 days is up I will be back on them:)

be-Beautiful GNC Soft chews
Available at select GNCs
$23 prices may vary

With any vitamins, always consult a doctor or specialist first!

Check out the biotin ( I wouldn’t take this with a multi vitamin, but always consult a doctor)

Mon, 13 Jan 201422 Comments