By Huda Heidi Kattan

L’Occitane may have some of the best body skincare I have ever tried, but I wasn’t too sure about this Hair & Body Oil from the skincare master. The packaging is quite interesting because it’s a spray, but it definitely is intense. I loved applying this on my skin straight out to the shower, it felt like a VERY nourishing body oil. I’ll be honest, when I used it on my hair, I found it a bit heavy, so I just kept it on my ends and it was okay. When you first apply it to your hair, it might seem a bit strong, but later as it soaks into your hair, it becomes really beautiful and healthy. I would definitely recommend using it on your hair wet, so it blends better, but it’s totally different from using a serum! A serum has ingredients in it that make it spread really well, but can be damaging to your ultimate hair health. This is a bit heavier, but much better for your hair in the long run!

Shea Butter Fabulous Hair & Body Oil
Available exclusively at L’Occitane Boutiques
$36 prices may vary

Sun, 9 Mar 20143 Comments