By Huda Heidi Kattan

So for most people who move to Dubai, the number one issue that seems to come up is hair loss, and by hair loss, I mean SERIOUS balding! Dubai is such a cosmopolitan city and it’s really a beautiful place to live (there’s no where I’d rather be), but the water here is definitely a hard! I’ve used a rinse for years, and it’s actually helped tremendously, but I stumbled across these little bottles of magic and my hair has never been thicker and my scalp healthier!

My sister Alya and I have gone through one case already, and we are now on our second, since we split the first one. One thing that Alya noticed that was a key ingredient in this product as well as our Revitalash, which we are obsessed with, is Ginseng–In fact, most of our hair loss/growth treatments have Ginseng. There has been numerous studies on the benefits of Ginseng in Osaka, Japan in balding men, and now it’s become a super popular ingredient for not only inhibiting hair loss, but also creating hair growth. After using Revitalash, and trying this little kit of magic, I am convinced!

Has anyone ever tried Ginseng products for hair growth?

Rene Furterer RF80 Treatment
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Sun, 23 Mar 201423 Comments