By Huda Heidi Kattan

Okay, so there may have not been any promises of a 10 minute blow dry, but the list of promises was definitely long! The new Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer from Redken promises a cornucopia of ways to get the flawless blow dry! For starters, reducing the time to blow-dry, insanely strong heat protecting power (up to 450 F), helps stop breakage, and a good whiff of volume–all of that out of one pretty pink bottle!

Okay, so it’s been about 2 weeks and four blow drys later, am I madly in love with this miracle product? Noooot quite! Okay, so I will admit, the volume WAS there, and as someone who loves big hair, that was great! As far as protecting my hair from damage & breakage, there’s no real way I can see if this is true in just 2 weeks, I think I’d need at least a couple of months for that! The real question, did this cut my blow dry time at all? That would be a big fat NO (so sad)! I was kind of bummed, I was really hoping this would work, but unfortunately it did not! I read the instructions, even had the women at the salon explain it to me, and nada! Same time, same do! I tried rushing it once to see if would make a difference and my hair looked awful, so this pretty much did nothing for me! I asked some girls who worked at the salon, a couple of them said it was amazing, but majority of them said it didn’t do a thing!

Would I buy this again? Only as a heat protectant, but again, this is sooo hard to measure, so I’m not really sure I would recommend it given it’s main purpose is to give you a flawless speedy blow dry, and it ROYALLY failed for me! Although I’ve loved Redken and was hoping to rekindle my love affair with the brand, this was a pass!

Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer from Redken

Available at Ulta & major salons worlwide
$22 prices may vary

The product has two liquids, almost like an oil/water solution. To use, shake first!

After Mixing!


Mon, 11 Aug 20145 Comments